Read before use

1. How to type the correct address

If you know the Chinese characters, it is the most accurate and direct way to get the right address.

Or you can type Chinese phonetic alphabet. It is also easy to find the address you want.

Notice: When you type the address, just pay attention to the Chinese address. There will be some differences between Chinese address and English address. Why this happens? Based on national policy and regulations, all the maps including Google DO NOT have the English version. In order to solve this problem, we use translation tools. However, it inevitably generates a few translation errors. Please just ignore this.

If you have difficulty in spelling the correct address, free to dial the customer-service number +86-10-84685412.

2. Cancellation Policy

To cancel a car 5 minutes after payment, a cancellation fee will apply. As our driver is already heading to your pickup location.

The driver don't reached the pickup location 25 minutes after payment, you can cancel without any fees.